Growing Up and Family

Fam left today after a mediocre road trip around my college area. My mother and I had a huge fight after I realized that I regressed every time I talked to her – that’s for another post. The past week consisted of my brother sullenly listening to an audiobook while I dragged my mother all overContinue reading “Growing Up and Family”

JKm is Probably Temporary

I’ve basically been see-sawing between being practical and reasonable (JKm is an amazing boyfriend, he cares about you, you’d be an idiot to break up with up), and being idealistic and pursuing what I ‘feel’ is right. Because no matter what I tell myself, JKm is vastly different from me in vital ways – heContinue reading “JKm is Probably Temporary”

On the Frustration of Waiting

When I wait, I am incapable of thinking. Can be short term – the black that is a spare hour before an appointment. Can be long term – waiting for the end of something, or the start of the summer. This post was really created because I feel as if I have nothing to write,Continue reading “On the Frustration of Waiting”

Other Relationship Things

I sometimes wonder if it’s normal to constantly ask myself if I should break up with JKm. I just have this nagging suspicion that he’s not the one, and that I should get on and find the one. And yet. Part of what’s holding me is that I’ve seen other guys, and I know otherContinue reading “Other Relationship Things”

Now I Get It

I’ve been comforting people all wrong. Case in point, I called JKm and he did two things incorrectly. He didn’t have time right that second and he asked to call me back in five minutes because he was playing a video game. Yes, it’s irrational. Yes, it’s needy. I didn’t fucking care. For the first time,Continue reading “Now I Get It”

some gems from being really fucking high

I’ll spare ya’ll the two hours worth of stream of consciousness of very high thoughts. The general pattern was a focus on the feeling of being high devolving into innane philosophical pondering on my life situation and reflections on self. I present to you: weed 4/21/16, 11:35pm, notes from iPhone I feel obligated to record howContinue reading “some gems from being really fucking high”

Reforming the Structure of My Friendships

I’ve written somewhat extensively about the situation I’ve been in, so I won’t dally on that. Note to self: get a friend group the second you get thrown into a new place; don’t worry about getting perfect people to match your interests. Branch out later, after building a solid foundation. Anyway. I’m trying to doContinue reading “Reforming the Structure of My Friendships”