Reforming the Structure of My Friendships

I’ve written somewhat extensively about the situation I’ve been in, so I won’t dally on that. Note to self: get a friend group the second you get thrown into a new place; don’t worry about getting perfect people to match your interests. Branch out later, after building a solid foundation.


I’m trying to do that.

This semester, and especially the past few weeks, I’ve been consistently hanging out with my group of asian guy friends. Since that’s not really a satisfactory friend group, we’re somewhat forming a group of asian girls.

And I’m proud to say I’ve actually been getting to know KT and MH on an individual level – not just shallow group hangouts. I feel I really jive with the two of them.

As for individual friends, I have AM, as always. I no longer have WH, but I don’t want to – I actively mildly dislike him now. I’m getting to know MH – we got friendship necklaces! KT and I are bonding over jazz music. MM and I also have started going to music things together – folk and jazz. MS is also music, and he’s just a quirky, witty guy in general. I don’t really know why he’s friends with me, since I don’t match his level of wittiness by a large margin. ES and I have our weekly lunches, and we’re talking about starting an initiative for the cafeteria workers. Obviously, I have JKm, who is rock solid now. JJ is always there, and I’m somewhat his confidant. I started to have JR and JC in a jazz pact and JC for an improv pact, but I don’t know how much potential those relationships have to be meaningful – right now, we have a solid camaraderie. Building camaraderie also with the guys: DW, JK, AD, JV. And the girls: CW, RZ.

It’s gunna be ok.



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