On Feelings

Nothing melodramatic, just a spontaneous summer goal of mine, inspired by this wonderful NY Times article on “emotional granularity”.

So my goal this summer is to be deliberately and consciously aware of my emotions. Implementation: continuous check ins during each day on my emotional state, and writing this down. Kind of like mini journaling.

Been sending them to JKm in a test of how he handles raw, unedited, serious openness.

Current feeling: restless. Just restless. I’d thought it was because I was waiting for the RA position to start, or waiting to move to my permanent dorm for the summer, or waiting for this or that. But I’m just feeling this sense of being caged in and suffocated and dissatisfied, and I can’t articulate¬†with what I’m frustrated with, and I don’t quite know why. Is it my relationship with JKm? Is it my dislike to having all social time and no time to breathe? Is it my insecurity about the friendships I have and the friendships I’m forming? Is it the lack of banter I have with co-workers?


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