Bits and pieces here.

Tonight’s dream: I’m really high up, on this wooden pole. There’s dangerous water below me, and a fun tourist park across the water. The only way in is the plank that lies in front of me, which is sectioned into two precarious parts. The owner of the plank is on the other side, yelling at me that is costs $100 per section. I do the math in my head – if I make one round trip in the morning, and one in the evening (now that I think about it, why did I want to do that? Was I dropping someone off?), that comes out to $800. I yell at him that that is ridiculous. He shrugs.

My friend yells at me from his pole that there is another way – a way to skip just the first section, although we would still pay for the second. It is to jump on the tornado that tears by every few minutes on my right, and jump to the second section as the tornado disintegrates halfway across the water. I watch my friend try and fail, and I know I will not be doing that.

I try the precarious plank – it’s held only by a few inches, perched on top of my pole. I feel wobbly and somewhat weak at the top of my pole, and I am shaking from the effort. I grab a small plank and crawl out onto the large plank, and I violently fall and swing upside down on the plank. My view upwards is the shadowy underside of the plank against the dark sky. “Oh, I get it,” I say, and swing back up.

We decide that the tourist spot isn’t worth it.

Another dream, same night.

There’s a crazy huge concert that ES is going to , and she texts me this picture from an eagle’s point of view.

Something about You Won’t, the band. I’m watching a music video by them, and they’re talking about some song with sticks, and the guy goes “STICKS.” and holds up this loop of a frayed, thick golden-brown rope. The camera zooms in on that rope Quentin Tarantino style and that is the end of the interview video.


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