On Growing Up

I think I’m just beginning to realize, this summer, that I have the ability now to do real things.

Almost entirely due to my summer projects, which all have very tangible, hopefully lost-lasting and substantial consequences, I’m understanding more and more the privilege of my Ivy league degree and the duty I have to use that privilege. On a more basic level, I’m understanding that I’m not a high school kid anymore. I’m not running a club for the heck of running a club. I care about certain issues and I have the newfound power, connections, and intellectual understanding to be able to effect real change on these things I care about. The issues I look up online are not just things to think ‘how horrible’ about, but issues I can then discuss solutions for, and even carry out those solutions. The research and thinking I can do isn’t just rehearsed by teachers to go over the beaten path, but new, possibly ground-breaking thoughts.

It’s both a terrifying and great realization, I suppose.


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