a list of things that bothered me this weekend that does nothing but show how toxic I am to myself

This weekend, I am inexplicably frustrated with JKm. I can see that’s unreasonable. I can see that it’s toxic. Sitting in a Mexican restaurant waiting for his food because he was hungry, even though we were going out with my friends in an hour to eat, I being visibly exhausted, he scrolling through sports on […]

a rambling post that I’ve been meaning to write and which should have been more well-formulated that goes very off topic from removal from life to the manipulation of one’s mental state

This is an article from the NY Times Modern Love column (which I read religiously, of course) that I resonated with. As a side note, I absolutely love the Modern Love column in that each and every article touches on complex themes that most people can resonate which. The article touches on the author’s near […]

Simple ways to be happy and sad

Had an objectively awesome day today, with plenty of introvert time with an interesting book that I’m proud to read, and plenty of stupid fun group time, and a satisfying heart to heart, and alone singing time with more reading. And then I decided to look at Snapchat stories, and browse Facebook, and stalk friends […]

JKm and his grandparents

JKm visited this last weekend, and all my old doubts came rushing up again. But the catalyst for thought was really when I met his grandparents. They were amazing. They were retired art history professors, and accordingly, our conversations were complex and interesting and his grandpa wrote poetry and they were just so welcoming yet […]

Turds and Existence

To achieve symbolic immortality, we must live a life of meaning; we must fashion a symbolic existence. So we define ourselves by our thoughts and aspirations and memories and intelligence and morality, things that can be transmitted through culture as abstractions. We extend our identities beyond the natural world; we become supernatural. But there’s another […]