who am I

I listen to songs on repeat one for hours on end

I try to harmonize and always end up singing up a horrendous perfect 4th instead of the 3rd

I play piano

I used to play piano

I played piano enough to keep myself busy and give myself self worth enough to avoid confronting or improving upon my deficiencies in other areas

I am intelligent

I thought I was intelligent

And yet I am still intelligent

I am intelligent in the grand scale of the mall of America, but not intelligent here

I listen to bluegrass music

I listen to hip hop music

I listen to classical music

I listen to Hannah Montana and radio hits and everything easy on the ears but I wished I listened to more complicated things purely

I wish I was more complex

I know I am complex

I wish I was complex in a way that would be easy to present to the outside world

I am complex in the way of secrets that should be and are hidden

I am minimalist

I was a hoarder

I am an ex-hoarder hiding under the facade of an extreme minimalist

I wish I was more cerebral

I am grounded

I am not good at abstract math

I need hard numbers to understand

I like complicated things once I understand them

I like the idea of understanding more than the act of understanding

I am not funny

I am sincere

I am not sincere

I try to hard to be sincere that that cannot possibly be sincerity

But hell, what is authenticity anyway?

I am cynical

I seem the opposite of cynical

I am insecure

I ride on the clouds around friends

I am threatened by loud personalities

I am not funny

I am caring

I like the idea of running

My life is fine without running

My life is fine without anything in particular

I have no passion yet


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