A list of friendships I am truly hopeful for

AM. The OG homie. The brother. Close to a fault. Simultaneous overdone comfort and borderline conflict. Worried about the roommate situation.

YM. International student friend. Click on humor, on interests, and on deep issues. Self-effacing. Genuinely love her company. Possibly a weekly lunch?

SF. Complex, interesting, likable, extroverted. I feel insecure in this one, like he’ll ditch when the year starts.

MH. Thoughtful, so thoughtful, and always laughing. Just a joy in general. My ideal person.

ES. Haven’t spoken all summer really, hoping to keep up our weekly lunches and work on the social issue project.

MS. Spent the summer angry at him and annoyed. Insecure and petty, but so fun and so interesting. Solid turned volatile relationship.

SY. Such a great guy. Too great of a guy. Gone for the semester.

RK. Best friends with SY. So…chill. Lowkey and down to Earth, and a genuine pleasure to be around. Easy.

JH. The true OG homie. 3000 miles and a Skype call away, but 4 hour conversations that are so easy, too easy, like breathing air. Sporadic messaging.

To let go

WB. Repeatedly attempted possible Facetimes turned to nothing, and I am over it. Not taken personally. It’s him. He’s distant. That’s fine, but I don’t need to pander after him in an unequal friendship.

JKm. Distant. Gone, essentially. Cold silences and unconcerned silences.



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