Goals for this year


Keep up the group dynamic, but balance it properly with a good mix of individual friends that I care about deeply. People to focus on: AM, YM, MH, SF?, ES, RK. Groups to focus on: The guys, the girls. Peripherally: AM’s friends, the transfers, the folky crew. Probably not the B— crew.

School: figure out what I’m doing. I’m beginning to view ethnomusicology as this dying field that should be really taken over by modern culture or media majors, or philosophy, etc. Really, the only reason I’m doing it is for the scholarship money. It may be a better idea in general to take more random classes and be more well-rounded. Which brings me to

Keeping up individual hobbies and interests. Experimental hiphop/R&B music, jazz, maybe less piano, playing uke and singing. Being politically aware – news sources from all points of views, becoming more opinionated. Random sports like water polo or frisbee.

Exploring the world around me. More day trips around the area and to other places. Exploring the city my college is in, talking to people. Doing more nature-y things that don’t necessarily always have to be running. Hiking? Outdoors club trips? Backpacking next spring break? Biking across America next summer? Backpacking in Europe? Classes that travel?

Keeping up side projects: the cafeteria worker class project.

Working and not overdoing it – developing my potential career in media/nonprofit work/entrepreneurship.

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A journal written for me, by me. Bonus points for me if other people like reading it.

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