3 days later, 12:40am

Today was the first day I felt normal again.

It’s fall, which takes me straight back to this time last year. The brisk air, the peacoat pulled out far too early and too eagerly. I bounced to class across campus with WH by my side. It’s the same and it’s completely different.

I talked to a guy today – we’d met last year, on the same night I’d met JKm and gotten his number and hung out in his room. We’d walked to that party together. I hadn’t remembered him until recently. AF.

We did homework a bit together and talked a bit. He seemed eager to get to know me. We exchanged contact info on the premise that we would do homework together again in the future.

It’s far too soon to start anything. And yet, when I’m distracted, I feel like the year had never happened. I feel free. It’s only when I remember that the past comes curling around my ankles…


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