JS (I guess so)

Well, we had that date, which went so smoothly and well I was amazed at how much I enjoyed his company and yet how easy it was. We cooked, so very chill and low-key, but so right. And how much we had in common! Film, coincidentally. Somehow, aligning music tastes – he introduced me to an album by my favorite artist that I somehow had missed (how?!). And at the end, he kissed me – on the cheek. Because, of course, I’m sick, as always.

I’d been looking forward to that date, and I’m looking forward to the next one. Somehow, I already see the future expanding in front of us: caressing his cheek, his jaw in the light on that couch in his suite; turning in bed to smile at him; giving him a peck in greeting; laughing in the chair in his kitchen as his friends bustle about, cooking in camaraderie; sending each other music that we’re truly stoked about and listening to it on his record player; looking out at the view from the top of a mountain, side by side.

I’m excited. I’m ready to look forward.


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