a note

a passing thought when reading this article, in context of my current rethinking of identity politics (or, my joining of the collective rethinking of identity politics that the rest of liberal america is stumbling through)

11/27/16, 7:14pm, notes in iPhone

I think the art that someone approves of or endorses can say a lot about a person. In particular, personally, it’s only natural that there is very little art that I actively dislike or criticize, as an extension of my general disapproval of criticism and delegitimizing of others’ experiences (A is superior in what framework to B?)

I think the only art that I can criticize is unintentionally boring art. I think I veer unintentionally futurist and ahistorical, but I suppose that’s something entirely else for me to mull over.

Some things are interesting in who exactly they affect. Who is angry? Who is intrigued? Who vehemently denounces it?

and still, I believe some of identity politics is valid: Joyce’s apolitical views on art, and beauty for the sake of beauty while denouncing all other forms of art, is privileged, flawed, and so white and male that I can’t believe that went undiscussed in high school.

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