journal #6 12/30/16

12/30/16, 11:59pm, brother E’s apartment in l– —– left k–‘s house this morning and biked into a light drizzle around 10am. it was a smooth ride down a very mundane avenue; my attention was unfocused until we hit the coast and its beautiful water. we stopped spontaneously to pose in front of some gorgeous muralsContinue reading “journal #6 12/30/16”

journal #5 12/29/16

12/29/16, 10:18pm, k—‘s guest house in l—– headed out today from JH’s apartment at U—/ and made our way to l–//, where we knew we would be staying at k—‘s. we had a pleasantly slow start to the day, planning to leave at 9:30am but really heading out at 10:30 after a solid breakfast ofContinue reading “journal #5 12/29/16”

journal #4, 12/29/16

journal #4 12/29/16 12/29/16, 3:02pm, on the rocks on the side of the s– —– bike trail in l– —– a few passing thoughts as we biked by a power plant, which was spewing water out towards the river: after glorifying trash sex, and other forgotten/taboo themes, can we accept and glamorize next the decimationContinue reading “journal #4, 12/29/16”

journal #3, 12/28/16

journal #3 12/28/16 12/28/16, 11:13pm, JH’s apartment biked 31 miles today of beautiful subtlety sloping hills. I’m beginning to trust my bike more, not the least because we happened upon a bike shop in the morning and had the brakes and rack tidied up. the man was quietly friendly, and gave us tips about hikeContinue reading “journal #3, 12/28/16”

 journal #2 12/27/16

12/27/16, 10:55pm, warmshowers guest room day one done! starting off felt oddly mundane, especially since we’d done the exact same path the day before to WB’s. it didn’t quite hit that we were leaving on a longish bike trip and traveling hundreds of miles from home, working every inch of those miles. I think itContinue reading ” journal #2 12/27/16″

acid trip journal

[on computer] tennyson’s too long I can hear every detail, like the door squeaks are visceral, and putting in headphones is kind of like there’s music and there is nothing else and there’s never been anything else And it’s difficult to explain but there’s just a sort of depth to the music that perhaps isContinue reading “acid trip journal”

more thoughts on romantic attraction

if I am specifically romantically attracted to ease, does that explain all my past stumbling? I think I require a deliberate show of intentional affection. And does the type of ease I am attracted to show that in a way I am uncomfortable with? WB and our tumultuous, uncertain friendship. JS now and my questioningContinue reading “more thoughts on romantic attraction”