post talk to js, what I should say to js:

I am making the decision to not be friends with you

and that is because I know that, to me, friendships are about two specific people and choosing that person and continually demonstrating that you indeed care for that person

and although I now know you are different because you’ve told me so very openly, and although I know it’s nothing you can help, and although I know it’s nothing that’s inherently wrong

I think that in the long run, I know myself well enough to know that

a friendship won’t mean much to me unless I am emotionally invested

as I am not that person who can hang out with 10 acquaintances and feel fulfilled

emotional investment requires demonstrated effort on my part

I know I will be hurt if demonstrated effort is not reciprocated

even if I knew from the very start that it wouldn’t be

even if I knew it wouldn’t even have stemmed from a lack of wanting a friendship

and so, js

I cannot be friends with you

although that is truly a pity

because I still do think you’re the coolest person around


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