more thoughts on what that list brings to light

The total package is the person with the remarkable quality, a kindness, an ease in interactions, and a strength of character.

I think there are some people on that list who have all but the strength of character, but they’re made up such that everything else makes up for it and I still want to get to know them. And actually, I can think of an entire group of friends who I perceive to be all those things I want, but I perceive to have a certain pettiness that annoys me to no end (and perhaps their pettiness is a direct cause of their ‘coolness’), and yet, I still look up to their other characteristics.

And then I think there are some people who did not make that list because they did not have the remarkable quality, although they may have everything else. But then what does that say about me, that I put that they are interesting first and decent humans second? That I look down upon those that I perceive to be basic and boring?


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