journal #5 12/29/16

12/29/16, 10:18pm, k—‘s guest house in l—–

headed out today from JH’s apartment at U—/ and made our way to l–//, where we knew we would be staying at k—‘s. we had a pleasantly slow start to the day, planning to leave at 9:30am but really heading out at 10:30 after a solid breakfast of dinner leftovers and bagels. google maps took us on a gorgeous bike trail through irvine around a large creek, then spit us out onto i—- avenue, which was heavenly: slightly downsloping and straight and bike-laned. from there we took the —- on up to l—–, which was 25 miles of boardwalk right up on the sandy beach, smooth paths, killer views of breaking waves, and the most heavenly flat ground the entire way up. it’s the type of paradise that puts me in a momentary, very presently content state that scares me a little upon reflection: how easily I could fall into that state, happily, satisfied, and live my life that way with a nagging feeling of discontent but just enough happening to stay in the clouds. it’s how I grew up.

after spotting some picnic tables overlooking some metal structures in the water (a bit like howl’s moving castle, perhaps?) we decided to stop for a lunch of bagels, rice, and other carby snacks. that lunch break turned into an hour long period of easy camaraderie. on the way to long beach after lunch, we caught sight of a sign for the s—- bike trail, and, having had plenty of time to throw around, decided to take it. it was more flat, beautifully smooth roads, but with a steampunk-esque theme of powerplants and electrical wires running along what used to be the river, now a concrete valley. the clouds feathered behind us, deepening into those beautiful sunset colors as it approached our favorite riding time. we stopped to journal for what turned into an hour for me; we took a detour through a regional park that was a shockingly vibrant shade of green for JH, then again into a smaller park where I got a sick time-lapse of birds in a pond against the sunset. 

we made our way to k—-‘s, where we were welcomed. after dinner, we sat and talked with k—- for 5 hours — I found him interesting not only as a crazy experienced biker and traveler, but also as an odd human being. he had an deadpan, gregarious, outwards quality that uncannily reminds me of SS. the family dynamic, as well, was interesting — I kept the conversation with their adult kids going (and that dynamic was odd as well, as I realized that this dinner was the girlfriend’s first time meeting the parents — this was apparent in the way they introduced themselves to her. and yet, the conversation was not focused around her, and ken in particular seemed indifferent to her presence in the most neutral way possible — again, very SS-like in their blasé treatment of incorporating external people into their daily lives; when was their time for self reflection? it seems they are never pretending, and thus never need to turn on or off.), and the family was strangely callous with each other, constantly pushing buttons and pushing back, but in a careless way. it’s the type of dynamic that happens when you have guests so often that guests are not cause for any change in behavior.

good day, in general — perhaps even a great day. I would do this more, for sure.


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