journal #15, 1/5/17

1/5/17, 12:16pm, sitting outside smart & final in c——

I suppose a lot has happened in the past 12 hours.

JH and I fixed things with a long, mature conversation. things between us are fixed — actually fixed this time. I had *fun*, genuine fun, for the first time the entire trip. I missed this, and it feels good. running away from being tickled, closing our eyes and tapping our bodies in tandem to jazz, eating overly seasoned food as the rain poured outside.

on the other hand, WB and I decided last night to be friends with benefits after another decently long, mature conversation. I wanted it, he wanted it, and it honestly looks like it’s going to work precisely because we have the exact same rationale: we find each other physically attractive, personality-wise attractive, but both would not date the other because of a fundamental difference in values, and secondarily completely opposing life trajectories (location and vocation wise). so. last night was fun, however, giggling under our breaths as we tried not to wake jj, who slumbered next to our intertwining bodies. he’s a better cuddler than anyone I’ve been with. I could develop feelings based solely on that.

today is easy, friendly, warm, light; we’ve built a solid rapport on new understandings. I’m sad this trip is coming to a close.


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