journal #16, 1/6/17

1/6/17, 4:58pm, watching the sunset on a bench on the s—- m—- pier

good day, easy day. perhaps days like these aren’t watershed moments in my life, or at least they don’t seem like it. but these days are deeply good; they’re what we endure the other days to get to experience.

I’m alone and surrounded by happy couples, bantering friends, happy families and dancing kids. buskers are doing their jobs well. the sun set fast and in both mandarin and english I heard two groups of people exclaim “there it goes!”, laugh, smile, touch each other. it feels like a good omen — the two sides of me will be all right.

easy smiles, elbows on the bar of the balcony, shoulder to shoulder with WB on my right and JH on my left. this is how I want to remember this trip.


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