10/15/16, 9:00pm

10/15/16, 9:00pm, notes on iPhone

virginia woolf

I keep hitting new stages of highness – literally hitting. It comes in like a bat hitting a ball; a slap on the side of a face and – momentary – heightened, if ephemeral, sense of disorientation.

my moods varying exactly with the weight of my head : JKm feels like a weight, slight, slight pressing, the boat tips forward, the waves undulundulundulaundualatw

they have not spoken for a while and this song is whirling and undulating and I am, spinning on the middle radius of a record player, physically whirling somehow opposite the song’s whirl, like an electron in an opposite spin as its pea-pod mate. Really, quite an odd sensation of the only sound being the music.

I am not here in the world, I am inside my phone – I am inside, INSIDE, the text, peeking out through my peripheral vision to observe these blurs. I am swirling in the music in the dull haze of the phone screen. It is the music, the light, and I. I, the light, the music, etc ad infinitum, da-dee dum.

I am swirling in the middle, as possible thought patterns swirl by me. Indeliberately perhaps, indelibertely hopefully, I find myself jumping down a particularly meta one, as always – perhaps it is a disorder of the me thought process to be snatched away in particular to that thought process – perhaps there are simply more of the current that appear

I am dizzy from the spinning I will leave the journal now


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