10/9/16, 7:34pm

10/9/16, 7:34pm, notes on iPhone

I think I am at c—‘s art exhibit not sure

words are the shadows and IT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE

and you have to get close to the picture to study it just like the dog’s nose

should I journal or should I take more stimulus don’t want to waste the art

the words are breathing

it’s like the black figures legs are wobblingtowards me like they are slowly sidestepping towardsthe frame

this one less obvious but if I stare long enough the meaning will come to me

marks on the wall are like continuations of the image like clouds in the sky

it’s like this art exhibit was made for tripping with the two layers

max but I can’t hear him is really funny

snarky puppy makes everything a spy movie

the mollusk is what I’ve been waiting for

odd feeling of fullness from the banana and the orange

I want more taste stimulus but my stomach can’t take it

I was a paisley print in

I haven’t wuite left the universe but I am on the way out

I can still touch those thoughts just like how dreams slip away

music has depth – like two layers – like tons of layers and you can feel each of the layers like it’s visceral and that’s what makes it sound so good

the only thing I’m frustrated about is not being able to perfectly communicate the amazing feelings I am feeling right now

Music has so many echoes like you can see it

like bohemian rhapsody came out of fucking blackness and through the light like a cornicopia

and the ceiling was moving

but why do I feel frustrated when I try to hold the past

how does this music sound so good holy shit

it’s coming from literally everywhere like it’s bubbling up from the depths

trying tender situation

must try something normal and see what it aounds like

trying ariana grande

I think her voice will soar from everywhere

sounds so distinctly come from places

I was a paisley print curling up like one

I was floating in the kelp and ai wanted everyone to float with me

I wanted everyone to share the insane experience as if it could extend out to them

ariana is interesting because I can see the echoes going out and coming back in

like dropping a drop into a puddle and the sound dissolvig that it what the sound feels like

also everything is infinitely funkier

2115 5488 2155

such a good idea to listen to beethoven e major sonata my favorite

music is coming from everywhere

have to listen to a therese perhaps will be able to play it like I was never able to understand it before

wow it’s truly like a fluttering butterfly

like each voice is totally alive with feelings and nuances and you can feel their hesitation and then their assuredness

scales are beautiful – everything is more resonant

scales are like moving pearls

at this point I am enjoying watching words squiggle

somehow I want more art to infuse with meaning – don’t want to waste the afterglow of this experience

proud elephants song: I hear the watery and squeaking in the background’s wooden claps

don’t know what happened

oh yes I am tryingto spread this glow to as many things as possible

the more associations the better

just watched this https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=MjxA25Tj1Ks


looks at everything the way a tripper does – like everything’s 10 times more beautiful than normal and it’s already beautiful

up close and observing and then from the floor up to the sky looking that’s exactly what this feels like

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=gt8gG9iEjpM minnesota

amazing visuals the paint looks like a tiger uncrouching into itself

I feel like everytime I tried to get really into aomething I went so far in my own direction that I had no one else with me and since I need validation, I lost motivation and stopped

I need someone who will continuously validate me in my individual pursuits

music was in slowmo gotta remember that – I think it was bohemian rhapsody that was just in slowmo and extra echoes

terry riley – freeness in the score to be unfree in the score or not

I remember saying to max in the stairwell, 

I wish I could share this with JKm in that all our problems would have dissolved and yet the very problem was that we couldn’t share things like this together

plucking lines of words and vibrating them

fluttering in the guitars of africa express

(plus vibrating in my atomach because I am hungry)

the kelp from earlier: the ceiling was extending down into many layers and the blue spots were at the ends of the floating kelp

like an upside down ocean that was an inch deep

onset was fast at 1 hr after

hugely stimulating visuals and senses about 2-3 hours after – music was overwhelmingly beautiful

come down is that music sounds very resonant and deep

art concept: paisley print people; small dollop like cartoons, gazing at the viewer

textured blue background (crayon like) with clean cartoon lines like a paper on top


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