5/29/16, 6:40pm

5/29/16, 6:40pm, notes from iPhone

Bob Clyatt

Just walked around Marcus Garvey Park in Harlem in nyc

Wanted to see what it was really like and put context to what I’ve been reading about

It was a shockingly stark difference of the appearance of the neighborhood just a few blocks of difference

Much, much worse

Trash strewn around the streets, like trash bags just laying around, much more homeless people

Literally all black, I saw one group of lost white girls on the very outskirts

I have never felt more unwelcome in my life, not because there was illegal activity, but because everyone looked different from me as were clearly so different from me in the way they walked, talked, dressed, interacted

Watched kids play basketball and thought about that book of bro E’s

Saw one almost asian person and immediately felt better

Felt unsafe and felt ashamed for feeling unsafe

Police car patrolling the park felt somewhat menacing 

But the police are just doing their jobs

Loved the artwork I saw in the park – the city is trying, at least

How can we do better?

What if I was white? Would I feel less welcome? As an asian, I am not threatening.

I felt ashamed of my white converse and my Mother talking in Chinese on her iPhone 6+

But people were so happy with each other but not at us, the foreigners

I smiled and no one smiled back

Why was I scared to talk to people?

The problem goes both ways

Whites are scared to talk to blacks and blacks are either angry or weary of whites

No bridge can be formed that way

Just like it makes no sense to sone cities, why do we zone people? Are these not arbitrary lines?

I am so angry

I genuinely think that changed me

I am angry that these people will not make it to places like Brown

I am angry that B—- does not have these people

I am angry that I was sheltered from this

I care much more deeply about this issue

2nd and 74th


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