a few profiles for the trip

k– 1: exceedingly like SS in his external, no nonsense, hyper self-assurance and rugged, blunt approach and focus on people. I really can’t describe it.

k– 2: generous, gregarious, open, playful, relaxed, content; his lifestyle and self-assuredness in that lifestyle struck me; he was very much a man living outside the expectations of being unhappy and single at his age, and it was refreshing and eye-opening — perhaps his fate was not one to ran away from.

AA: small and nerdy, gregarious and easy-going, open and eager but not desperate in any way; living somewhat year to year, nomadically, developing far more interests that I could ever; he had this internal drive and no need for an external structure to live his life.

MK: gregarious, open, unself-aware, lovably awkward, an amazing background and many quirks; he grew up as an Asian-American kid in the slums of California, joining a gang for survival; somehow still made it to UCLA where he wandered from department to department

B—: slightly loopy homeless man we met at a campsite; strikingly generous, giving us his stove, gas, sugar, and offering us coffee in the morning; talkative and fibbing; I enjoyed trying to pull out his backstory as he spun tale after tale of Hollywood and fame

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A journal written for me, by me. Bonus points for me if other people like reading it.

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