journal #16, 1/6/17

1/6/17, 4:58pm, watching the sunset on a bench on the s—- m—- pier good day, easy day. perhaps days like these aren’t watershed moments in my life, or at least they don’t seem like it. but these days are deeply good; they’re what we endure the other days to get to experience. I’m alone andContinue reading “journal #16, 1/6/17”

journal #15, 1/5/17

1/5/17, 12:16pm, sitting outside smart & final in c—— I suppose a lot has happened in the past 12 hours. JH and I fixed things with a long, mature conversation. things between us are fixed — actually fixed this time. I had *fun*, genuine fun, for the first time the entire trip. I missed this,Continue reading “journal #15, 1/5/17”

journal #11, 1/2/17

1/2/17, 9:26pm, lying in the dark in my sleeping bag on k–‘s floor in o—– a few thoughts that have been in my head today, and wonderfully solidified by a long conversation with ken, but first: WB. what do I do with this kid? I have a crush on him, and not just superficially —Continue reading “journal #11, 1/2/17”

journal #13, 1/3/17

1/3/17, 3:00pm, sitting on the rocks at an unknown beach in by some rusty pipes and a mysterious metal block with a danger sign, watching the birds from that one pixar short do their thing. we downed a can of beans for lunch, and I gave JH the last bit of mine as an oliveContinue reading “journal #13, 1/3/17”

journal #12, 1/3/17

1/3/17, 11:35am, sitting on the beach a bit north of k–‘s place a snapshot: nine pelicans in a row, doing a wave of sorts, movements starting from the first and rippling down to the last as each hits that break or lift in the wind. it’s cubism in nature: several instants, all at once; simultaneityContinue reading “journal #12, 1/3/17”

journal #10, 1/2/17

1/2/17, 11:29am, sitting on rock at top of spontaneous hike, overlooking the ocean turning out to be another quiet day, a little less tense thanks to WB, but still not total ease between JH and I. last night — I’m still not quite sure what to think about last night. I slept in the middleContinue reading “journal #10, 1/2/17”

journal #7 12/31/16

12/31/16, 11:29am, —– museum I’m microdosing today and having a blast, but JH is being a pain. He’s on his phone and being sullen. He’s wandered off somewhere, and honestly that’s fine with me — he is being a pretty shitty friend right now, and I’ve confronted him, and he’s assured me there’s nothing wrong,Continue reading “journal #7 12/31/16”

journal #8 1/1/17

1/1/17, 12:18am, sitting on the steps outside an apartment on l—– ave I am spending this new year’s walking around outside, listening to acid rap, coming down off of half a tab of acid, having just resolved my first family-like conflict with JH, stomach digesting a ratchet meal of Mexican food cobbled together of 89-centContinue reading “journal #8 1/1/17”