HJ and events

HJ and I were sitting on the floor of his dorm the other night, talking pointlessly to fill the two hours we had, when the topic of dating came up. He’d realized, he told me, that a lot of his dating had been interview-like for far too long, and after he’d noticed that, they’d alwaysContinue reading “HJ and events”

an artless snapshot of my friendships

This weekend, I had so many invitations I didn’t know what to do with them. I’ve magically become friends with MC, and after meeting her friends for a weekend, I remember now what it’s like to have a group of people genuinely want to get to know you, who value you. I realize that perhapsContinue reading “an artless snapshot of my friendships”

a quick memory, because I know I’ll enjoy this in the future

we’re standing  on the first floor of my dorm; I’m walking him to the door. I’ve stopped on the second to last step of the stairs; we kiss sweetly, the same height thanks to the steps. there’s a slight lull as he’s about to leave and my lips part a little as my eyes smile;Continue reading “a quick memory, because I know I’ll enjoy this in the future”

I’ll throw this fucking indifference at your face

when something happens like DG coming over to AM and I in the library, addressing only AM, and telling him that he should “come with with JB and I” there are so many thing wrong with that you just ignored a person that you are acquainted with well enough that it’s rude you just askedContinue reading “I’ll throw this fucking indifference at your face”