a perfectly content day

today was so mundane and yet so wonderful. these days happen, and I just don’t think I ever write about them enough. heck, the only reason I’m writing this now is because I’m sitting in a studio with MS and there’s hella reflective music playing and it’s a quiet moment alone with a dear friendContinue reading “a perfectly content day”

on interactions

I never know quite how to interact with someone who effusively compliments me. Do I stand there and accept them at the risk of seeming bigheaded? How does one accept compliments in a way that is simultaneously humble and confident? Do I attempt to reciprocate at a similar breakneck speed? Do I reject the praise?Continue reading “on interactions”

another part of that conversation

Wait so…but…that first movie was platonic, right? Oh, yeah, that was totally platonic. And then what about the second one? Was that platonic? That was absolutely not platonic. Ha! I had no idea. Really? Do you do that with tons of people? I have guy friends, you know. I guess. I was so nervous, youContinue reading “another part of that conversation”

that conversation

Why are you smiling like that? Oh, just every time you look up at me it’s hilarious. But you also just smile when your eyes are closed. You smile in your sleep. Well, with my freshman year crush next to me, how could I not? Wait, what? I was your freshman year crush? Oh, yeah. Wow. Yeah.Continue reading “that conversation”

look I found an old poem from high school

glow-in-the-dark stars or real the car zooms by as I lie there in the suburbs “banality” “to speak” “to exist”   “What the heck is He doing in the grass?” We pass by. What the heck is He doing in the grass.   We pass by.   Our light rockets past His grassy spot, ToContinue reading “look I found an old poem from high school”