dream journal 05/17/17

I’m sitting in class taking a final and don’t know a thing, and the people by me are having a jolly conversation: it’s JC and someone else. I showed up halfway in to the final. I walk out and leave. I’m now performing in a play with KS and there comes a scene in which we must run through the crowds and throw beads, but when they give us the packages of beads when we open them they scatter across the floor. We must separate the beads into two sections, one of multicolored round beads and one of more irregular shaped beads, and we take them in our fists and sprinkle them. I could not take all the beads in my fists so I just take a few; I notice another girl has managed to get them all. As we run through the audience I notice there are only 5 or so people there, with many empty fold up chairs. It’s the ending scene, so I run straight to the outdoors where I see AD. We talk against a fence, in which I tell her I would love if she came to the next play, and she says she is in too much pain to do so. I suggest spending other time together as well, and she still says she is in too much pain to do so. We continue talking, and she tells me I have a mustache, or some other strange feature. She has me get to the camera function on her iWatch, which is some off-brand, and takes a few pictures of me. When we look through them, they are strange — close up, far away, which odd snapchat-like drawings on them: a nose ring in one, odd background drawings in another. We walk towards her car, in which I get distracted by someone else talking to me (reminiscent of TF and FG earlier yesterday). Somehow a party begins, and I get sucked into that while AD walks away — the party installed a huge ice cream machine, pushing her car off the side of the road and into the forest behind it. It’s a hill, and her car slides down (as well as the ice cream machine), before it’s finally used as a stop halfway down the hill for the huge ice cream building. No one notices but me, and I run there to help. When I look at the car it’s really a large wire tube filled with snow; it’s still the car though. I wake up.


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