05/21/17 9:59am, on the plane from DC to Beijing

You’ve somehow made it to the last song of Blonde and this is your Breakup with JKm album and you’re thinking a little about that, but you realize it was kind of good because you realized that right before you put it on you hadn’t thought about him at all for a long time. He unfriended you on Facebook so you never really knew how he was doing but you really hoped he was doing well, and then you saw a video made for the band that he was in (not really by accident, but whatever) and there was a segment just of him telling some random story about a small quirky observation he made about the months of the year and he’s laughing and he sounds so happy and you realize you hadn’t seen him like that in so very long and you feel both sad that he couldn’t be like that for you, that he would never be like that with you ever again and happy that he is doing that, that he is doing well, that even though he never wants to speak to you again you Did Not Ruin His Life and maybe even eventually he’ll look back and be Truly Happy About That Year, even the not so great parts.


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