05/24/17 at 5:30am, iPhone notes

china is

  • a scrunched nose on a young woman in a striped shirt and denim dress, holding an umbrella shaped as a pagoda in a silk cloth
  • four separate motorcycles in a row with large boxes strapped to the back: styrofoam, shabby cardboard, faded red plastic, covered in manga stickers
  • small wheels and straw
  • face masks and gucci bags
  • a middle aged man squatting on a curb, rubbing his neck and squinting into the smog
  • two women in linen oriental shirts arm in arm
  • a single flourescent lightbulb taped to a telephone wire
  • three girls with carmel brown pageboys and calf-length skirts
  • four panels of hypersaturated lobster pictures with “CHICKEN” printed across in blazing yellow
  • a ten-year-old picture of kate moss on a poster in a salon window
  • an open cardbox box of lichis
  • a hot pink short-sleeved velour tracksuit airing in a dorm window
  • a short woman in three different flower prints strolling with her hands clasped behind her back
  • a woman in a peacock dress and a golden hand fan
  • a slow, deliberate, metered way of speaking; gesturing, finger counting
  • a glittery purse, pink block heels, and a lace knee-length dress
  • a teen in a dragon shirt holding a plastic bag of bones, spitting a lougie into the street
  • a qipao and dip-dyed red hair

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