05/26/17 6:35pm, on my bed in Beijing, China

I feel unable to express to HJ any sort of ill-being because he does not express those things to me, and it is doubly preventative because I don’t think he doesn’t tell me problems because he’s hiding them, but rather because he’s such an emotionally healthy and stable person that the problems he does have he handles perfectly on his own and furthermore, he doesn’t see many things as problems in the first place. And it’s not that he wouldn’t want to hear my problems, but I just feel as if it would be so unequal if I did (because I have, and he’s been great, but he really does not know the extent to which I can rant). And so even if I somehow was able to build up the comfort level of spontaneous free rants, they would never be reciprocated. And so I’m stuck in this bind of feeling slightly repressed and unable to tell him things because, in a nutshell, he is TOO POSITIVE.

WHAT in the world am I supposed to do about that.


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