06/22/17, 9:36pm

A podcast I listened to earlier today made the hypothesis that pop music is inextricably linked to youth, and particarly the teenage youth: the definitions arose at the same time; perhaps they in fact defined each other, whittling the two into a homogeny of whirling concept to be ridiculed, looked at wistfully, pandered after and trivialized. 
Are art and wealth linked like so? It kills me that the art world is so elitist, borne of socioeconomic inequality: sculptures mounted on platforms of siphoned labor and displayed again for the oppressed to long after. But what gave me solace was that art itself is pure. But I question this. What if art is inextricable from its machine? Was there ever beauty there, or was that always nothing but a tool of the elite that even they have ceased to recognize, to see it for what it is? Are they so coddled in their bubble and is everyone else so clueless as to go along with it?

What if wealth and art are one? What if there is no democracy? What am I even doing here?

Personal expression comes from privilege. Development of the self comes from privilege.


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