art party

 ⁃ male, 30ish, slicked back curly hair. black long sleeve button up and a bleached denim midi skirt with a raw hem

 ⁃ slicked wet hair in a bun. oversized sports jersey emblazoned with flames and the number “32” across the front. heeled hiking boots, a thin gold chain.

 ⁃ nickel-sized sequined flowers on shawl, pale teal knee-high, creepers, pale yellow wavy hair, ombre eyebrows: thick black fading outwards to white, paisley print sequined dress. red leather mini backpack

 ⁃ off-white kimono and a french braid; pink eyeliner, white calf sicks, and round-toed black block heels

 ⁃ white leather penny loafers, baggy denim harem pants and a black baggy crop top

 ⁃ curly middle parted waves straight out of the eighties, morphed gisele-like facial structure. navy blue calf socks, navy blue loose minidress

 ⁃ crew cut, mal. flared jeans with a raw hem and a denim work shirt. indoor sunglasses.

 ⁃ close buzz cut, wide mustache. maroon t-shirt and wide-leg highwater pants. white socks.

 ⁃ green ambiguously printed pencil skirt, pleated blouse, multicolored large-jeweled block sandals, and a bike helmet

 ⁃ green christmas sweatshirt, blue faded jeans, ratty flip flops


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