He’s a back sleeper and you’re a side sleeper so he sleeps on his back and you sleep on your side with your hands snug against his shoulder and your right leg over his two the way is natural and the way he says he likes. You semi-wake in the middle of the night facing the other way, and he’s nestled down into the blankets like a hibernating rabbit and he kisses your middle back softly, softly. He holds your waist and nuzzles his nose against you. In your semi-awakeness you feel something pleasant and fluttery and doze off soon after.

You drive to the beach humming something nonsensical. On the way in, he describes the profile picture change he is planning with the photo you took and the caption that slyly references you, you in public in front of his friends and family, even the ones that don’t like you all that much, and even so it’s kind of an inside joke between you two and it’s perfect in all the ways.

You lay out a towel on the beach and settle down with your respective books, sitting back to back, leaning against each other, perspiring slightly under the sun, letting the music fade to nothing. After a while you throw off the sunglasses and wade in the water, then dive into the water and he is excited to swim and be cold. You hop on his back and yell Onwards! as he wades forward slowly. You play some dunking game and let him assist in dunking himself. You peck him on the shoulder. You latch on to him from behind and he spins wildly, spinning you around and around as you laugh, laugh. You float in the shallow water and pretend that you can’t touch the ground at any second.

He bought condoms just like he said he wanted to and you have rushed, hilarious sex in ten minutes flat using some strange condom marketed as INTENSE. He approaches you as you’re getting ready to leave and says his feelings were hurt by something you said. You apologize. You both end up making genuine jokes about it.


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