07/10/17, 8:59am

I somehow plop into a world of animated animals

a pelican with a beautifully psychedelic beak

about to make friends with a hyper-friendly kangaroo horse? had taught it the mirror stage of recognizing itself. I had two cuts on my face that I had done for myself (something symbolic? to do with directions? the directions towards the home of a rhino that was the father of whoever I was with) and the horse made sure that that wasn’t what the rhino had done to me

farting zebras

the rhino invited me to his home, and I had to look it up in google maps. it was called “bad street”, but it ended up being in spanish, so it was “mal street”, which I didn’t realize until after he’d spelled it out for me. as he turned away and walked up the stairs, I said, “bad street?” and he said “that’s the way I like it” and strolled away


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