Happy New Year’s, fuckers.

I cracked. I thought I could do it. Hold it in, smile, do as she said, and make it unscathed through this one month, after which I won’t have to see her for a year. I couldn’t. I can’t. Such a stupid trigger. Nothing, really. We egged each other on, and soon enough, the torrentContinue reading “Happy New Year’s, fuckers.”

Lunches Alone

So, I’ve been at a low point lately because even though my social life is more active than ever, I don’t feel like I have real friends. SS the other day. It was lunchtime, and I had no plans. I took a leap of vulnerability and implied/asked to hang out with her. She obviously gotContinue reading “Lunches Alone”

Perfect Guy

So, a while ago, I met perfect guy at an admitted students day. I saw him first at an event, where we were debating world issues. I’ve decided that I need to find all my future friends at events like these. Anyway, we didn’t talk that night, but I noticed him. He had an intelligent,Continue reading “Perfect Guy”

Snapshots from Prom 2015

Dancing by/with my date YM in a platonic but insanely fun way. WB charging the mosh pit at the beat drop, his eyes sparkling in an almost drunk way. Sleeping on the ride back curled up against my date, his hand stroking my back and neck. “Where’s the wine?! She wants the wine! FIND THEContinue reading “Snapshots from Prom 2015”

April College Shit

It’s all being blown up so much and I really can’t handle it – and then the fact that I’m crying over this makes me realize how pathetic and petty this all is, and then my mom tries to cheer me up by talking about growing up during the famine and fighting her way toContinue reading “April College Shit”