Acceptance WOOO

Forgot to mention; got into one of my top schools a few days ago. Screamed a little, walked around with a grin plastered across my face all weekend and did no homework. Paying for that last bit with some good’ol 1am homework time (yay for sleep-deprived essays that don’t make sense in the morning), butContinue reading “Acceptance WOOO”


And, as it turns out, this one is actually a pretty good one. Or, at least, it’s pretty darn highly ranked. AND I’m apparently the top 8% of applicants, which is pretty cool beans with me. And even though I don’t quite want to go there, it’s still awesome to know that I got in,Continue reading “GOT INTO ANOTHER COLLEGE”

3/16 – 3/18

On Friday I was in a good-ish mood. Spanish went extremely fun for some reason I cant recall…. Then I got to skip out on band because I went to my mom’s office to tweak the retainer thingy…..i ended up sittin gin a room waiting for like 2 hours, then taking like 5 impressions ofContinue reading “3/16 – 3/18”