IJournals: 42 (8/6)

So I’m not actually writing this in the airport, but I just wanted to record it. My plane had a freaking 8 hour layover. It was only supposed to be 3. I sat a in dark corner of the airport and just called people. I called friend SH first, and he was so cute andContinue reading “IJournals: 42 (8/6)”

IJournals: 41 (8/5)

    I’m on the plane going from TVC to Chicago. But let me back up. This morning was sweet and sad. I walked over to stone early to say goodbye to the piano family. I was quiet and it was sad, but we were al trying to be cheerful and joke around. I leftContinue reading “IJournals: 41 (8/5)”

Interlochen Journals: 1 (6/23)

I am sitting in the terminal of the Chicago airport, Chicago O’Hare. I can’t help but think of the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland with a twangy accent. But I’m on my way to Interlochen! It was an exhausting red-eye flight. 4 hours long. So, long enough to seriously take a chunk out of my night,Continue reading “Interlochen Journals: 1 (6/23)”

Crossing the seas

We sent them off to China. By ‘we’, I mean my mom and I, and by ‘them’, I mean Laolao and Laoye. They were adorable, with their fanny packs and sunglasses, and they were so excited. It is impossible to not feel fuzzy inside when one sees an old couple, all wrinkly and pruney andContinue reading “Crossing the seas”