…and that’s what my week consisted of. never have i ever truly ‘crammed’ for a test, simply because school has always come easily to me.  Well, not anymore.  tried to study tuesday night for chem, realized i completely didn’t understand it, crammed wednesday night from 3-5, then again from 10-1. i actually went to theContinue reading “Cramming”

thanksgiving break continues and wisdom teeth (!!!!)

on sunday things were uneventful other than friend EMC and i are definitely not really ever going to be more than casual friends. i just can’t trust her; she’s bipolar and all over the place and doesn’t care about me, and honestly, i just can’t compete. i’m not going to go out of my wayContinue reading “thanksgiving break continues and wisdom teeth (!!!!)”


so this morning friend SS calls. i know right away it’s urgent because, frankly, she doesn’t call me all that often anymore, what with her being 10x more popular than before. but she calls me, and she seems down, so i ask ‘what’s wrong?’ well turns out our friend MB has an eating disorder, andContinue reading “Concern”

friends over break

so i was feeling like a loner after realizing that all my friends weren’t available. but then suddenly i had too many commitments! funny how that works. so on sunday we went to church and i was super hyper and i was in such a good mood. then i went to piano, and i didContinue reading “friends over break”

routine bad day

got up, went to school blah blah. yesterday i made this gourmet-ish hummus-carrot-turkey on whole wheat wrap. so that was my lunch got to school, went to first. we had a sub. he literally introduced himself by saying ‘ok, I’m going to be completely honest here. i don’t speak spanish.’ and it just went downhillContinue reading “routine bad day”