where have I been?

You’ve been extremely good, a little lonely, content with your friends, feeling alienated from close friends, feeling alienated from fading friends, feeling like a second-class friend, suddenly ready to cut people out, exceedingly comfortable with the people you love, willing to reach out to people you’ve looked over, unsure if this was out of desperation,Continue reading “where have I been?”

06/22/17, 9:36pm

A podcast I listened to earlier today made the hypothesis that pop music is inextricably linked to youth, and particarly the teenage youth: the definitions arose at the same time; perhaps they in fact defined each other, whittling the two into a homogeny of whirling concept to be ridiculed, looked at wistfully, pandered after andContinue reading “06/22/17, 9:36pm”

12/3/16, 3:38pm

12/3/16, 3:38pm, notes on iPhone contingency and determination in the formation of sexuality materialism is the claim that thought is nothing more than the continuation of the production of the world (shelly, hegel, merleau-ponty, etc); idealist? butler: religion is not a concept, it’s embodied practices; different than liberalism or gender tension between philosophy and religionContinue reading “12/3/16, 3:38pm”

10/28/16, 1:26pm

10/28/16, 1:26pm, notes on iPhone ephemeral nature of gestures removal of the body by technology and yet utter involvement of the body slide to unlock patent as declaring ownership of an abstract concept “led lamp gesture control” “system method and product for capturing memories” “analyzing micromovements of hand as identifying individual” natural user interface –Continue reading “10/28/16, 1:26pm”

journal #12, 1/3/17

1/3/17, 11:35am, sitting on the beach a bit north of k–‘s place a snapshot: nine pelicans in a row, doing a wave of sorts, movements starting from the first and rippling down to the last as each hits that break or lift in the wind. it’s cubism in nature: several instants, all at once; simultaneityContinue reading “journal #12, 1/3/17”