bad sleepover

so i woke up tuesday morning and went running finally again. my time is still not falling under 18 minutes 2-mile. hey, its uphill ok? but that IS a 9-minute mile (possibly more) which is absolutely awful. after trudging home the loser walk of shame, i jogged back down for another go, lost all motivationContinue reading “bad sleepover”

debate Day 2, piano, and band parade, yup super busy

so good and bad stuff. i am going to put each day on a separate post for the sake of organization. so this is day 2. i already blogged day 1. alright, so i get up at like 5:30 so i can get ready and be there by 6:30. when i get there, all theyContinue reading “debate Day 2, piano, and band parade, yup super busy”

horrible, awful, day

alright. super tired because i stayed up late last night literally making sandwiches for this weekend. i used up a whole loaf of bread. late start. woke up early. played piano for an hour. went to school. 2nd period, friend S seemed down and oddly quiet. tried to cheer her up by making her laughContinue reading “horrible, awful, day”


i had a horrible day yesterday. so i woke up early to pick up my friend and go to perform with the band at the reopening of some store. so i go and play for about 20 minutes. super lame. later we go home, and i chill for like half an hour until my soccerContinue reading “AWFUL”