parents fighting

I hate my dad. I don’t know  what’s going on, or how it started, but from my room right now on a cloudy Saturday morning, I hear my parents, outside, my dad screaming for the entire neighborhood to hear, at my mom. He’s calling her a fucking asshole whore. He’s telling her to leave ‘his’Continue reading “parents fighting”

horrible, awful, day

alright. super tired because i stayed up late last night literally making sandwiches for this weekend. i used up a whole loaf of bread. late start. woke up early. played piano for an hour. went to school. 2nd period, friend S seemed down and oddly quiet. tried to cheer her up by making her laughContinue reading “horrible, awful, day”

tons of friends :)

well where did i leave off…. oh yes, jogging. it failed miserably. i went to the gym to jog, where i just didn’t feel like it. i don’t know why. i just DIDNT have the motivation. plus when i jogged back up to put my jacket away, my calves were BURNING so bad, even thoughContinue reading “tons of friends :)”