Band Concert and WB Relapse

I’d been doing so dang well. And then: The band concert. My goodness. It was basically ‘WB with band,’ because he had solos in basically every piece, as well as a piece that was entirely a solo for him with occasional backing from the jazz group. And you know what was frustrating? He sounded amazing.Continue reading “Band Concert and WB Relapse”

Shooting stars

Band camp was fun, in general. Really, my favorite part was after the campfire, when JL, CP, TI, ND, WB and I all just sat in our chairs, tipped our heads back, and looked at the stars…I never see stars back home, because of light pollution and all that, but out in the campgrounds, thereContinue reading “Shooting stars”

Talking to WB

WB and I planned a phone call the other day, about band, and then about school. Band-wise, he actually volunteered to go to an activity late so he could drive me, which totally made my day. School-wise, we had the same schedule problem, and we were going to devise a solution together. But honestly, phone-call-wise,Continue reading “Talking to WB”

Smooth Going – Overview

I don’t really have much to write. No big events. No problems, even, really. Just daily life and everything is la-di-da and amazing.  My grades in all my classes have settled (since now tests and whatnot have been entered) and I have solid A’s…except for freakin’ english because my insane teacher VS refuses to acceptContinue reading “Smooth Going – Overview”

Band Camp

Well, Band Camp is up and rolling. Actually, it’s almost done. I’ve been slightly slacking on these posts. It’s been well. I’m section leader, and my (albeit small) section is responding really, really well! I couldn’t be happier. Except for the fact that I have a solo. That was a fun little tidbit that theyContinue reading “Band Camp”