“The last is a 1975 recital that he gave at the very end of his professional life. Critics have uniformly savaged it – Sachs calls it “banging, disjointed and sloppy” – all true, and yet although Rubinstein was 88, nearly blind, in precarious health, and with diminished energy (he skips the last movement repeat), heContinue reading “This:”

2014 Music Camp #6: 7/20

Violin masterclass – you never realize the good until you see the bad. This guy did not know how to give a masterclass – his back was to us the entire time. 1st lesson with my actual teacher! GOSH IT WAS AMAZING. I came out, like, wow. I love music. I want to spend theContinue reading “2014 Music Camp #6: 7/20”


Just had my first (or second?) lesson with DB. She is so great. And by great, I mean amazing. It’s so absolutely perfect…She knows the application process, has connections at the schools, has experience with late-starters like me, and knows exactly how to fix my technique. I. Love. Her. My lesson yesterday was amazing, asContinue reading “Piano-ing”

beethoven’s ninth

yup. just saw it. it kicks butt. so i got up around 9:30, headed down around 10. ate cereal. we didn’t go to church today. so i practiced piano. decided to shadow play some old songs from my old books. pretty fun. i did that for about an hour. i was just thinking: if iContinue reading “beethoven’s ninth”