10/03/17, 12:54pm

Last night, HJ asked if he could sleep over at X’s. Naturally, she felt insecure again: this was too much X for HJ; surely, something was wrong. She said yes. They talked little, touched little: X finished up a homework assignment as HJ scrolled through his phone. Post-hopping into bed and turning off the light,Continue reading “10/03/17, 12:54pm”

continued, already

X is having a bad night. Earlier HJ invited her to hang out and she began to get paranoid, because Why does he want to suddenly spend so much time with me? The insecure, big, small X thinks he is trying to prove something to her. X doesn’t like that there might be something toContinue reading “continued, already”

a short story, tbc

Yesterday, HJ told X he’d been having dreams about hooking up with men. It had started in the middle of summer. It had transitioned to real thoughts about physical sexual experiences with men as he walked around during the day, as he looked at their bodies. X thought she was thoughtful and supportive. She askedContinue reading “a short story, tbc”

you are feeling a little down

and suddenly everything is less shiny RK is late to meeting you in the park and you think about how your friendship lately has been one-sided, how maybe a lot of your friendships are one-sided. You haven’t made friends here. You blame it on the city; the city is tough. RK says it’s the realContinue reading “you are feeling a little down”

a video of HJ

I didn’t think much of it in the moment. I’d spent the afternoon reeling in two distinct housing crises as he watched and offered sympathies. We were about to leave; he’d just finished changing. This is the video: it opens up sideways. It fumbles until it’s right side up, trained on HJ, still a littleContinue reading “a video of HJ”

my dating life, sputtering, creaking, groaning into a slight movement

Last week, lying on the grass outside my dorm, letting my thoughts wander: Thinking of my bleak love life. Thinking of the people I turned down all last year. Thinking that somehow, when I was finally single, there was no one left who was interested in me. Thinking I suppose I’ll direct all my energy intoContinue reading “my dating life, sputtering, creaking, groaning into a slight movement”