My grandpa died two days ago. On Tuesday. I wish that I’d written this that day, to capture what it felt like. But I didn’t, so this, this two days later perspective, will be the one forever captured on the internet. I can’t write how I felt, but I can write what happened. That morning, beforeContinue reading “Done”


So like two posts ago I’m talking about how breezy school is. And here I am, eating my freakin’ words. I. Am. Stressed. I have a math test on Tuesday that I debating over whether to try to study or just accept the F. I have an English project due on Wednesday with a hopelessContinue reading “Stress”

He Who Matters

Sometimes, in the rush of all the things happening in the world, with AP tests coming up, piano finals in 2 weeks, running workouts to be done, friends to keep track of, reputations to be kept, screaming parents to deal with, brothers that either sulk or never call home, and with all that dinner stillContinue reading “He Who Matters”

Wiz Khalifa – Work hard,….nah just work hard.

So it’s been so freaking busy I’ve barely had time to breathe, let alone blog! School is way on it’s way now. Quick-ish run down: chem we switched seats, but that’s ok because my table is pretty awesome. We’ve bonded. Theres EZ, this friendly smart slightly awkward guy, there’s KC who’s a pretty, popular cheerleaderContinue reading “Wiz Khalifa – Work hard,….nah just work hard.”

SO MUCH school and friends

so it’s been like a month since i posted…. i got back from china a while ago, and i’ve grown really close with everyone and i miss them to death. band camp went by in a blur and i got off my snobby high horse thinking i was way too cool for everyone in bandContinue reading “SO MUCH school and friends”