05/21/17 8:51am, on the plane from DC to Beijing

It’s the end of a semester and I’m sitting on a thirteen hour flight listening to nostalgia-inducing but not necessarily inherent nostalgic music; rather, it’s music that I listened to while high just about a year ago from now — the end of freshman year, last year — and listening to it now makes meContinue reading “05/21/17 8:51am, on the plane from DC to Beijing”

On Becoming Myself

This summer has been an enormous time of growth for me compared even to the academic year here, which was an enormous time of growth for me compared to my time at home. And I’ve been trying to put my finger on why. I think a large part of it is isolation in interests. SuchContinue reading “On Becoming Myself”

Music Kicks

Been having a bit of a funk in regards to my interests lately, especially my musical taste. I’m just bored of what I’ve always listened to. It was pop, then then classical, then jazz, then bluegrass. And that was good enough for so long. But lately, it went African Mbira music Tinariwen (African/rock hybrid?) Thelonious MonkContinue reading “Music Kicks”

…I’m different.

Really. I am. I don’t feel the need to wear makeup. It’s really not bad. And if they don’t like me because of it, then why would I want to talk to them anyway? It’s almost a good thing. I get to weed out the people who don’t care. I’ve gotten over this caring aboutContinue reading “…I’m different.”

crush v reflections

So. it’s 9:30 and i’m killing time before bed. I decided to read some of my old posts for the first time. usually i just write them and forget about them, sort of like just ‘get-it-down’. i guess it’s a good way to process what’s going on and whatever. but i finally read some ofContinue reading “crush v reflections”

fine 1-3-5

got up, got through half my workout before i was discovered by my mom. took advantage of the rainy weather to finally wear my fabulous burberry knock-off scarf from europe and my blazer and boots. 🙂 ate oatmeal and berries yumyum and off to school i went! got to 1st, talked and passed hilarious notesContinue reading “fine 1-3-5”