Sans WB

Ok, ok, it’s ironic that I’m writing a post about WB when I’ve supposedly moved on, but this is just a recap of the week. Because my week was amazing. What I essentially did was drop all expectations of friendliness or contact from WB. Which worked beautifully (which shows that I really didn’t lose anything).Continue reading “Sans WB”

KD Surprise 2.0

So I woke up today with a sore throat, a runny nose, dry eyes, and an achey body. Wonderfulll. That meant I had to ditch my morning swim plans for a walk. So I took a long barefoot walk, in which I listened to Mahler’s 2nd (Resurrection) in its entirety and all but the lastContinue reading “KD Surprise 2.0”

horrible, awful, day

alright. super tired because i stayed up late last night literally making sandwiches for this weekend. i used up a whole loaf of bread. late start. woke up early. played piano for an hour. went to school. 2nd period, friend S seemed down and oddly quiet. tried to cheer her up by making her laughContinue reading “horrible, awful, day”