Confronting JKm 2.0

My relationship has been on my mind lately, especially as, with the time apart, I’ve had time to reflect on how we truly are and where we’re going. I’ve realized that I enjoy being with him while I’m with him, but when we part, I realize how wholly unsatisfied I am with our often superficialContinue reading “Confronting JKm 2.0”

Confronted JKm

After doing MDMA yesterday (oh yeah, I did MDMA) and having a total blast, I crashed in JKm’s room. And I’m happy to say that I brought up an open conversation about wanting to challenge each other more and have him feel comfortable confronting me with differences in beliefs and opinions. It was honestly exactly whatContinue reading “Confronted JKm”


EMC. So much angst. So much anger and thoughts and dreams wasted over her. Need some reminders? My unofficial best friend, freshman year. I trusted her, put so much into that friendship, made myself so vulnerable, all for the first time, because of course I had (have) trust issues. And then she wasn’t. It just…ended.Continue reading “EMC”


AD’s ex. He broke up with girlfriend-after-AD a while ago. Invited me over to sculture for lunch. Sitting there making our pots in amicable silence. He pours out his feelings. He vents. He centers the pot. I sense that he’s invited me over simply to do this. Feeble life advice interspersed with not-feeble wheel advice.Continue reading “ECC”

WB Walk Reality

I’d been texting SS, deciding whether I should take her up on her offer to hang out that night (being the anti-social person I am, I was really leaning towards not – I have to practice!). I remember feeling guilty while thinking that, had it been WB asking to hang out, I would have done it inContinue reading “WB Walk Reality”