On my social life

Now, by the look of my recent-ish posts, one might think that I’ve become skilled in social interactions. I haven’t. I really haven’t. I spent the entire week recording myself on the piano for audition tapes, writing essays, and procrastinating. My only interactions were a random run on Saturday with MH and MB, a hikeContinue reading “On my social life”

1st day

of school! CP brought me lunch. In a brown bag. With a smiley face and my name on it. Made with love, from his mom. SO GREAT. Classes went pretty well, all around. I have friends in my classes that I haven’t had classes with since elementary school – we squealed about that just aContinue reading “1st day”

Shooting stars

Band camp was fun, in general. Really, my favorite part was after the campfire, when JL, CP, TI, ND, WB and I all just sat in our chairs, tipped our heads back, and looked at the stars…I never see stars back home, because of light pollution and all that, but out in the campgrounds, thereContinue reading “Shooting stars”

CP and his mom

CP and his mom have this great rapport. They joke with each other and they’re so similar in both build and personality – lanky, sarcastic, but actually so kind. We were sitting outside, (they were eating dinner), and they were just making fun of each other. And his mom tells how CP would make herContinue reading “CP and his mom”

Jazz Band and the Ride Situation

So…WB apologized for leaving me last night at honor jazz band. Alone. Awkwardly with the teacher, who refused to talk to me. I went to talk to him today after our jazz band, and he told me I was way better than the other pianist at honor jazz band! I was so surprised. And likeContinue reading “Jazz Band and the Ride Situation”