another part of that conversation

Wait so…but…that first movie was platonic, right? Oh, yeah, that was totally platonic. And then what about the second one? Was that platonic? That was absolutely not platonic. Ha! I had no idea. Really? Do you do that with tons of people? I have guy friends, you know. I guess. I was so nervous, youContinue reading “another part of that conversation”

If I Was Honest About Who I’ve Had A Crush On

FRESHMAN V. Planning my outfits around the days that I would see him. So coyly ignoring him in class – s much that I think he thought I disliked him. Assuming that he liked me when he messaged me on Facebook just to chat. Talking loudly, acting confused about a math problem that I clearlyContinue reading “If I Was Honest About Who I’ve Had A Crush On”

JKm, I’m so sorry I take it back

Remember when I was sad/angry that JKm saw me as a burden when I was sick? FALSE. Apparently, he’d spent the afternoon running around and asking his friends for my favorite type of tea (that he dislikes, by the way), and borrowing a kettle. How adorable is that? He asks how he can tweak hisContinue reading “JKm, I’m so sorry I take it back”

I’m an idiot

WH just told me he likes me. Literally straightened my love life out less than a week ago. But more importantly, WH. I can’t believe what I put him through. I told him all my boy problems; I literally texted him a live stream of me trying to a let a guy down easily. I askedContinue reading “I’m an idiot”

Ambiguous Milestones

A first boyfriend. That’s a milestone, right? But it’s funny, because although JKm is sort of my first boyfriend, I’m not sure. And now that I think about it, it’s not even entirely because of AYl. Yes, AYl was my first kiss, and the first relationship I had that I defined as a ‘thing’. ButContinue reading “Ambiguous Milestones”

JS and Being Confrontational

I sat there doing homework, the message sitting in my inbox. I let myself forget about it. I kept him waiting, like he kept me waiting. I realized how immature that was, and, in one sweep, opened it. Stared. Read it. Started typing. Stopped. Put it away. Opened it again. I debated acting chill.┬áNo problemContinue reading “JS and Being Confrontational”

Getting led on by JS

I was never emotionally obsessed with JS, like I should be with crushes, so I guess this is a good thing. JS and I had a date-ish-thing, and then we kept up cutesy texting for a solid week. Kept asking each other to make plans, and it was genuine, at least on my part, andContinue reading “Getting led on by JS”

Protecting my heart from FF

Thank God I didn’t hook up with him. We’d agreed to meet to walk to class together, and he completely stood me up. Thanks to a pre-defensive move by moi, I was not crushed or even inconvenienced. Friendly, but guarded; I expected nothing and I got nothing. FF is not a guy that I shouldContinue reading “Protecting my heart from FF”