11/11/17, 1:54am

The first time, we were coming down. Surreal, soft: I am yellow and she is brown and you are gleaming, you are all gleaming. I am a pendulum: disbelief/wonder/disbelief. Who could you possibly think I am? Fairy lights and jaunty conversation about your day your day your day and this is how I find outContinue reading “11/11/17, 1:54am”

10/30/17, 1:34am

It’s not that we are too good. It’s that we are simply good, with a healthy tinge of non-heaven that I, because I am me, use to slit paper cuts into the back of my neck, at just the right spot where your torso is too long to spot it when you cradle my healthy,Continue reading “10/30/17, 1:34am”

07/25/17, 8:10pm

Sure, it was you who did the thing. It’s a hassle in some regions more than others, but somehow it was relatively quick, a trip to L.L. Bean on the way home; you were going anyway to buy a sleeping bag, size small. The mouth fit smoothly into your pencil box. Your bike chain isContinue reading “07/25/17, 8:10pm”

07/25/17, 2:48am

you have made progress! this progress is painful, but it is progress. you can not deny what you felt. you could not keep going that way. that was not an undesirable path, it was an impossible path. you could not keep going that way. you can not change what he can give. this is progress.Continue reading “07/25/17, 2:48am”

07/23/17, 10:50pm

Excuse me, but I do believe we have met before. There is simply something about the way you walk, talk, move with your shoulders thrust back when you step and your neck crooked forward when you focus. Your curls are ever so slightly flattened on the side you slept on this morning, though sometimes itContinue reading “07/23/17, 10:50pm”

07/23/17, 11:31am

Sprung from your forgotten dreams, it came in the morning, followed you from crooked bed to quick turn of the doorknob, the eyes turned to the cool grain away from the soft groan of his consciousness. It trickled and pooled against the pads of your toes, weighted your skin to acquiescing gel into well-worn grooves.Continue reading “07/23/17, 11:31am”

07/23/17, 1:13am

An ode to the handshake that will never happen: Some shimmy and slap and clap and twist. Our friendship, it was never so ebullient. Instead, we slyly felt for the wenis — the wenis! imagine that! — and clasped pinkies; we giggled the closed-mouthed smirks of comrades on a makeshift raft of logs we’d gathered,Continue reading “07/23/17, 1:13am”

an ode to studying

undetermined coefficients a flicker to the computer screen to look this up a flicker to the wrong tab a flicker to facebook a flicker to a buzzfeed article on kristen stewart and queerness a flicker to a bunch of articles on queerness a flicker to my thoughts on queerness a guilty glance back at underminedContinue reading “an ode to studying”

a quiet walk back in the first snow of the year

there is something about snow that takes me back to last year this time last year, I had WH and JKm and I had this coat and this breath of cold air and these yellow street lights these I still have. there exist those I no longer have but I did not have these white leatherContinue reading “a quiet walk back in the first snow of the year”